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Company Introduction
At Unition, we are focused on delivering professional software development services tailored to your business. Our clientele includes businesses from the Asia-Pacific and European regions. We are still expanding and we are very likely to reach into other overseas market.

In order to keep up with our rising growth, we are on the lookout for talented teammates who can push us to new heights while flexibly responding to market changes to ensure that we maintain our quality services and be ahead of the competition.

If you are seeking out an exciting challenge in an organization with a startup mindset, we might just be the place for you. We encourage open discussions that inspire one another. Since change is the only constant in this world, we readily embrace and adapt to it.

Our Business Philosophy
- Deliver High Quality Products and Services:
Our products are designed with our clients' needs in mind and simply providing software is not enough. Providing Service to our users is of utmost importance to us as well. This helps us ensure that we deliver world class products and services. Every teammate in Unition knows that "A good product is a well used product". Continuous optimizations and innovations are our core values.

- Being Flexible:
As we are living in a world of uncertainty, we need to be flexible enough to respond to market changes. Hence, flexible thinking is incorporated into our DNA and we encourage our teammates to actively keep trying new and different challenges.

- Learning Mentality:
We do not just focus on our business development, we also work on boosting our teammates growth. We expect future teammates to keep learning and improving with us.

- Trial and Error:
We believe in making mistakes. Everyone has surely made a mistake at least once and it is OK! The key to making mistakes is to learn from it. So help us become a better team by trying and making mistakes!