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Workshop【Unit Test】



The speaker for this seminar is Kuma, who currently serves as a Technical Lead in the industry. He has also authored a book titled "You'll Only Have No Time If You Don't Write Tests: Kuma's Unit Testing Practical - Java Edition."

The workshop will include, but is not limited to:
- Refactor with Unit Test
- Test-Driven Development (TDD)
- Clean Architecture


Partner insight - Leo

I had the opportunity to attend the Unit Test Workshop hosted by the renowned expert Kuma, invited by our company.

In the past, our team attempted to implement unit testing, but due to various reasons such as tight schedules and numerous client issues, unit testing was often selectively ignored.

In this workshop, Kuma tactfully selected moderately difficult topics and allowed groups of three to have more sparks of discussion, ensuring that everyone didn't overly focus on requirements.

During the hands-on session, everyone quickly completed the first phase and added a bunch of tests. However, Kuma immediately debunked the misconception that more tests are always better. It was a humbling moment for us as we realized that designing many useless test cases not only increases maintenance costs but also development costs.

Through discussions, we also discovered that the benefits of testing aren't just about protecting the program; they also assist engineers in refactoring. Previously, refactoring often involved making changes wherever we felt necessary. However, in the workshop, refactoring was protected by tests, and the scope was limited, significantly boosting confidence in refactoring.

What made this workshop particularly special was the retro session at the end. Despite running overtime, Kuma encouraged everyone to reflect deeply on their experiences during the workshop and gave each person an action item to ensure that everyone had something to take away.